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Hi, I'm Jeromy.

I make art that works. I’m also an award-winning designer, published author
and photographer — not to mention an avid outdoorsman who loves getting
lost in the woods. But I’m most comfortable thinking up creative solutions
to creative problems, nay, opportunities. I follow the instinctive and intuitive
path of ideation to create art that works.

My Capabilities

Brand Identity

Logo & Identity Creation
Brand Style Guides


Print Design

Promotional Materials

Web Design

Website Design & Development
Mobile Responsive
Social Media Graphics

From the Blog

The Life & Times of a Creative Guy with Superhero Aspirations

I Hate Running

In case it’s not already clear, I hate running. If I ever have to run, it’ll be to keep from being eaten by a bear…or a zombie. Whichever. I lift weights, flip tires, punch bags, and swing hammers. I don’t run. But this past weekend I put all my reservations aside to...
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Ridin’ Nerdy

Behold, the glory of Nerds Who Lift. It's no secret that I love superheroes. And I love to design stuff for fun. I'm also a fitness buff (I earned my personal trainer certification from NASM in 2014). So I decided to combine the three and start a fitness blog for...
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Know Thyself

Breathing new life into my personal branding. It comes as no surprise that I am my worst and favorite client. I give myself all the artistic freedom I want, but I nitpick every little detail. Not to mention, I take forever on feedback. As a designer, I try to keep...
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The Fortified Brand of Iron Monk

Creation & Elevation of the Brand I won't lie. When I was first approached about the brand development of Iron Monk Brewing Company, I exposed my inner redneck — WILL WORK FOR BEER! Luckily, maturity and business clarity prevailed, and the creation of an awesome brand...
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The Joy of Expletives

I've never been one to shy away from tooting my own horn when it comes to design. I love what I do. I'm good at it. Scratch that — I'm great at it. I take pride in the quality of service and product I offer. And I've been doing it a long time. But when a client sends...
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