So, I can honestly say with absolute certainty that I’ve made up my mind. I think 😉

Just before the end of 2017, I decided (on a whim) to change the name of my business to Yona Creative. I had a slew of arbitrary reasons, but the truth was I simply wanted a change. I developed a full brand identity, ordered business cards, setup social media channels… the works.

And then I immediately began to question my decision. I struggled with the rationale. I teetered on the fence about changing back. I mean, at this point in my freelance career, nearly ALL of my business had been referral by name.

I was — professionally speaking — having an identity crisis.

[ cue the valued advice from a good friend ]

After nearly a month with such a trivial struggle, a good friend was able to pinpoint the issue right under my nose. As a creative, I need an outlet for creative expression. Being a designer allows me to do that as a career. But occasionally, I get the itch as an artist to have complete creative control. For me, that usually manifests in design work I do for fun — I often create fictitious brands as a creative exercise.

My friend told me that my “identity crisis” was the creative equivalent of rearranging furniture. It was change for the sake of change — total control in creative expression with the end result being nothing more than an outlet. The underlying issue with changing my business — among other impetuous decisions — was that I was acting against my better judgment to fill a creative need. Like eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch when you’re working on your six pack. ( Okay, maybe not the best analogy… I mean, have you tried the Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch?! ).

So, what did I learn from this? (1) Be true to myself. Everyone — especially creatives — occasionally feel the need for change just to shake things up; (2) Don’t let my creative itch turn inward and cause me to reinvent myself; (3) I can always count on finding clarity when having coffee with a friend.